MySchoolBucks is a great website that makes it possible for parents to easily pay for their child’s breakfast and lunch at school online or by credit card. Now users can use My School Bucks to create a secure online account to easily and conveniently manage their child’s account.

With MySchoolBucks, parents can add money to their children’s accounts, view money and purchases, and easily set up notifications for pending payments from home, office, or anywhere from the application or website.

Payment is easy which means the deposit amount can be deposited on a credit or debit card or on your control account. All payments are managed securely via the MySchoolBucks website and great encryption technology. All payments are quickly credited to your student’s account.

MySchoolBucks Login  or  Give Feedback

MySchoolBucks Login:

Note: Please understand that a valid email address is necessary and that the official website stores all necessary personal information in an offline database that can only be used to process payments and send payment confirmations by email.

  1. First, visit the MySchoolBucks website.
  2. You will be asked about your condition and then about the school district.
  3. Then enter your contact information and create a username and password that will be used every time you log in.
  4. You must also set up the student account with the student ID or date of birth so that parents can easily do MySchoolBucks Login.
  5. This identification number can be found on the bank statements of your catering service or you can send an e-mail to the school’s official e-mail.

If your child can get meals at reduced prices, this information will be recorded in the system and the food, like all other students, will be processed without special instructions for the students. If you have not yet ordered a free and limited meal for this school year, do it as soon as possible. Free and discounted meals are available at your child’s school.

MySchoolBucks Features:

  • Comfort: always on the Internet or with the mobile application for your iPhone, Android or Windows Phone!
  • Efficiency: Pay all your students, even if they go to different schools in the neighborhood.
  • No Need for Cash: Make sure your students do not bring money to the school.
  • Check the following: Set alerts for low balance, view account activity, recurring/automatic payments, and so on.
  • Flexibility: Pay with credit/debit cards or any available online payment method
  • Security: The Website meets the strictest security standards, including PCI and CISP.

MySchoolBucks App

The application is available for Android as well as iPhone, users who don’t want to visit the website can directly install this application from the official sources.

How to Create My School Bucks Account?

MySchoolBucks is the system by which schools connects parents with an additional account of their children’s school. You need the six-digit school ID of your child when you create your official account. Parents can use this account to explore the child’s shopping in the cafeteria and make payments on the child’s food account.

Parents can also configure the sending of e-mail notifications if your child’s account falls below a certain value. Also, this system can take up to a day or more before payment is posted to your child’s account. A nominal comfort fee per transaction is also charged.

MySchoolBucks: Important Facts

If you have more than one child in the district, you can process all the online advances for the same account. Payments can be made with a credit or debit card from Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. For the use of the prepaid online service, a minimum transaction fee will be charged to cover bank charges. The nominal transaction fee is charged per deposit.

We are very happy with the service and believe that MySchoolBucks is good for you, your child and our neighborhood. If you do not want to use the online payment service, you can still pay with a check that has to be paid to the school. Be sure to include your child’s full name in the test.

Parents can pay for school meals, see the balance of their children, receive optional alerts when the loan is low, and even see the food the child has bought from their computer or smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Advantages of My School Bucks

Payments can be made by credit card, debit card or checking account and will be quickly credited to your child’s account. Parents can also schedule recurring payments.

Would you like to know what your child is eating? With MySchoolBucks, parents can print a copy of the progress report.

Parents can also use the free option “low alert balance”, which sends an email directly to their Inbox if their child’s account is low, but before they have used all their money in My School Bucks account.

Please note that this function is the only way to inform you that your child’s paper bill will not be returned to the district’s home. To log in, look for a low-balance alarm under the “profile” option of your account. We hope that you enjoyed visiting MySchoolBucks website.