How to Enroll in My School Bucks?

My School Bucks offers parents a convenient, convenient and secure online prepaid service. With this service, parents can also view the balance of their underlying account via a website called If we have money in each child’s account before we enter the canteen, we notice that the afternoon lines move much faster, giving your child more time to eat and socialize.

In addition, parents can print a copy of their children’s nutrition report. This historical report shows you all the dates and dates that your child has had for breakfast and lunch in the last 30 days.

How to Enroll in MySchoolBucks?

Visit the website MySchoolBucks. On this page you create your personal profile account and you pay money on your child’s school account.

  1. All you need is the full legal name of your child who is enrolled in school, the permanent identification number of the student and the name of the school. The instructions listed here or on the website guide you through simple online account settings.
  2. All new primary users must register today and follow the on-screen instructions to create their account.
  3. When you register, you must choose the status in which the district where your students will participate, your last name, email address and password will follow. Your e-mail address is your user ID when you sign up.


You must also select two security questions and enter the answers. After you have entered all the information, click Create an account. A welcome message is sent to the email address that confirms that your profile has been created. If you faced any kind of problem or trouble then it’s time for you to contact us using the official form.

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