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Note: This is not the official website of MySchoolBucks, this simple blog is created to whelp users to understand the official website in a better way.

We always receive some kind of very commonly asked questions which we have already answered here, if you still have some other questions other than this then please directly contact the support of the official website without any problem.

MySchoolBucks Customer Support

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What happens when my child changes school?

If your child attends a new school in the same district, he will continue to use his account as long as that school is a participant. If the school district updates its registration files before the MySchoolBucks school starts, they will automatically be updated with the new registration information.

Contact the school district for a list of participating schools. If you are going to a completely different school district, use the district selection at the top of the page to add a new school district to your profile. provides a list of school districts available during the registration process.

Why does my online bank statement give me a * fare * after my payment is declined?

If you receive a message with the billing address when processing your payment, or if the three-digit verification code does not match the bank records, the credit card company will temporarily charge your credit card.

Wait times can be temporarily displayed on your online statement. However, the costs are automatically canceled within two to three business days. “Hold” is a common practice in the banking sector. Click here for more information.

Who can I contact if my payment is not made at school?

First, check my payment protocol to make sure the payment has been made and approved. If payment is posted here, go to “buy cafeteria” and check the student’s purchase. If payment is purchased at the cafeteria, it will be successfully received at the child’s school. If this is not the case, make sure you have been taken to school at least 2 business days prior to payment. If payment does not appear later, contact the school district administrator.

How can I set up a future scheduled or recurring payment?

In the menu, select “make payment”. Select the item you wish to purchase, enter the amount you wish to pay for your child and add it to the cart. If the item is in the shopping cart, you will find the option “set payment schedule” directly under your child’s name when recurring payments are activated. Click on the link to enter the scheduling options.